Smart Beaches System

The Smart Beaches system is a continuation of the work started under the Smart Cities and Suburbs project in 2019/20. The system is designed for local governments to digitise and automate their beach safety data collection as well as offering additional data insights and reporting capability.

The Smart Beaches system is structured to address three key points of value for users.


Digital Reporting

An online lifeguard reporting tool removing the need for paper reports. Enter data quickly and easily from a phone, tablet or PC.

Integrate with existing Council Databases via API


All the features of LITE plus

Automated Data Collection

Automatically collect available datasets such as weather, temperature, winds, swell and tide.

Improve data accuracy and free up Lifeguards to focus on the beach.


All the features of LITE and STANDARD plus

New Data Sets

Add new data sets such as:

  • Automated visitor numbers
  • Rescue records using GPS tracks
  • Beach closures and warnings using flag status trackers

Insights and Reports

The collection of online data allows for the provision of insights, trend analysis and forecasts. Understand the changing conditions lifeguards have faced daily, predict especially busy days in advance, support your decisions with data. Improved data collection also supports critical research which, in turn, can be used to improve the insights.