Making waves with Ocean Live

Flashing lights will attract beach-goers' attention

We’ve partnered with water safety innovator Ocean Live to provide flashing ‘Dangerous Current’ signs to operate as part of the Smart Beaches trial program this summer.

Ocean Live is a great Aussie success story, starting out as a high school project for Sydney’s Jackson Harrigan and growing into an emerging force in beach safety technology.

The signs are under development to ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness,and include numerous beach dangers such as sand banks, UV levels and shark sightings. The digital signs will include GPS units to track how often they are used on each beach. The project team will also monitor whether there is a change in visitor behaviour compared to the current static signage.

We’re also working with Ocean Live to investigate how we can integrate our Smart Beaches data into their existing digital information platform.

Ocean Live will soon be launched as an App to give users important beach information even when they’re not at the beach.